31 Mar 2008

Home Away From Home

Hotel Particulier Montmarte

Have you ever dreamed of having your own secret place? A magical place that only you could go go to? Well, if you have had such dreams, then I have a place for you. A home away from home that is so much like a dream.

The Hotel Particulier, a Montmarte townhouse in Paris, France, is a boutique hotel like none other. You will truly be surpised by the intimacy, art and creativity that has been poured into this small townhome. With five suites designed by world renowned artists, this boutique hotel offers comfort, well being, and a unique experience for every visitor.

Hotel Particulier Montmarte

Like stepping into a scene from Alice in Wonderland, the Hotel Particulier is almost too good to be true. A real wonderland with opulent furnishings, and the coolest in comfort.

Hotel Particulier Montmarte

The salon in this room is a modern work of art. How I would love to stay here. I have imagined a place like this in my own home.

Hotel Particulier Montmarte

With candy-colored soaps and accoutrement’s, the Hotel Particulier is full of all of one’s delights.

If you love surprises, and a world that is not typical to anything you have experienced, this is the place for you. A magical place, this small hotel in Montmarte can be your home away from home.


Editor in Chief, Author of REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul.

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  1. Oh I want to go there! It is exquisite!


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