Introducing Dallas Shaw

Dallas Shaw is definitely one my favorite emerging artists. In her collection, you will find pieces that span from popular culture to a more old-school vintage feel. There is truly something for everyone. Whether the simply elegant piece Necklace from the Dirty Pop Collection or the sassy piece Vintage Pink from The Vintage Collection, Dallas Shaw connects with a modern audience, offering something different and unique every time. Check out some of her pieces below.

Necklace from the Dallas Shaw Dirty Pop Collection.

Oil Tank from Dirty Pop Collection.

Roll Over DJ from Dirty Pop Collection.

Girl Slant from Dirty Pop Collection.

Vintage Leaf from the The Vintage Collection.

Vintage Pink from The Vintage Collection.

From the The Vintage Collection.

To get more information on Dallas’ pieces got to the contact link on her site. She is currently working on new work for her Dirty Pop and Vintage Collections, and has Vintage Collection prints available for $20. She also has a cute collection of vintage notecards and fashion illustrations available. Have fun finding something you love!

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