Angela Hays

It was such an honor for me to write today’s post, because it is about my best friend – my sister Angela Hays. A Brooklyn-based artist, Angela focuses on telling the story of the turbulent and troublesome times we live in today through her art. A designated “political abstractionist”, Angela uses a number of mediums including mixed media, printing techniques, ink and pen, and her newest medium, scrabble letters. Her work, which is at times reminiscent of M.C. Escher, always requires a closer look, like her piece Untitled Drawing 1 where missiles are falling from the sky; or Unknown Devices 1 where the gibberish of the scrabble letters represents the misinformation we are constantly being fed by today’s politicians.

This weekend you can check out her work at her first solo show “Rigged” at the Brooklyn Artists Gym. Opening night is on Friday. You can also view more of Angela’s provocative work at (the site is still under construction so check back this weekend). If you are interested e-mail her at [email protected] or feel free to contact AphroChic for more information.

Sister Pair 1

Sister Pair 2

Overpriced War
Untitled Drawing 2
Untitled Drawing 1
Unknown Devices 1
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