The Path to Peace

The Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace Project is a testament to how corporations can make a positive impact in the lives of people around the world. Featured in Domino Magazine last year, The Rwanda Path to Peace Collection has helped to change the lives of over 2,500 women, helping them to maintain a sustainable income in this once war-ravaged country. This project reminds me of how so many times we hoard and buy things that make us feel so empty; we cannot wait until the next design fix. By buying these handmade baskets and supporting the weavers of Rwanda, one has the opportunity to transform someone’s life. It’s wonderful when fashion and decor can be about something more.

I gave away several of these beautiful handmade baskets at my wedding. I love to look at the one’s I have left. They make me feel like in something so little, somehow, I am helping to make the world a better place. To learn more about the Path to Peace visit Macy’s.

{Images from Macy’s}

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    I have a few of these–the ones from your wedding plus a slightly larger one–and I agree that they are such a great combination of beauty and doing a good thing. I’m also glad to see that Macy’s explanation of the baskets and the genocide in Rwanda is accurate and straightforward. A previous ad I saw once in Oprah magazine avoided the word genocide and characterized the tragedy as a tribal war in which “the Hutus and Tutsis attacked each other.” In an attempt to avoid taking sides, whoever wrote the ad grossly mischaracterized history! I wrote a letter saying it was a bit like saying the Nazis and the Jews “attacked each other” during WWII. Facing troubling history honestly is part of our responsibility. Anyway, go you for featuring these baskets on your blog! –Chante


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