Simply Beautiful

{Image from Domino}

Last night was an interesting learning experience for me. I had bought a new rug, put it down on the floor, and really wasn’t sure what I thought about it. Immediately I began to have a panic attack – was it too much pattern, what had I been thinking when I ordered it, if it didn’t work how in the world was I going to return it. I know that we all go through this. You see something in a store or in a catalogue you just know you’ll love, and then when you finally get it home you’re not sure about it.

After going through my design nervous breakdown, I took a step back and thought about what I think is beautiful. I got back to the basics, thinking about how a room with a simple color scheme, textured layers and pops of pattern can really be very, very beautiful. I rethought a few things, changing the fabric I was planning to recover an old chair in, pulling back a little on so much pattern, but still introducing something that is fun and truly me.

Then this morning I looked for what I was thinking about. A refined room with lots of character, bold fabric choices, but a refined color palette. I found it after scouring the picture gallery on Domino’s website. Such an incredible resource. So, my advice to you, when you’re feeling overwhelmed and a little lost in the world of interiors, step back and get back to the basics. I am sure you will discover that there is such beauty in the simplicity of it all.

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