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I have always found Nanoo Shai inspirational. Together, Nanoo Shai and Fred Qora have created beautiful illustrations that reflect the beauty of women of the African Diaspora. Constantly feeling that there is a lack of illustrative art that features women of color, the Qora & Shai Boutique offers a range of pop art images featuring women of African descent.

The style of Nanoo Shai and Fred Qora reflects what AphroChic is all about. Modern style that has soul – that reflects a piece of you; that when you see it you have to have it not because it’s the latest trend, but because it says something about how you are. That’s exactly what I felt when I saw Kinori and Absolutie. Two fashionistas who definitely like the finer things in life. I can’t help but relate.

I also love the gravitas of the images in the Qora & Shai Boutique. Large three-foot canvases that fill the expanse of the wall and add a sense of drama to any room.

And now, to my surprise, you can custom order pieces from the Qora & Shai collection. Like these World Woman pieces, that you can custom order in your favorite color and size. Have fun and find a bit of yourself at Nanoo Shai.

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