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Brocade Home has a beautiful new collection just in time for Fall. With fresh colors, including lime, peony, and cornflower blue, you’ll feel like it’s about to be Spring rather than early Autumn. I am completely in love with the Turned Metal Pedestal Table. The spindle base and stainless steel construction is just right. The curvy and feminine lines of the Bent Wood Chair and Curved Leg Table are so appealing. Elegant and modern in a high gloss finish. The Glass Lamp is reminiscent of the classic Glass Bubble Lamp. Perfect for a bedside table. My final favorite, the Petite Dress Form. I can’t help it, the girly girl in me absolutely loves it. I would love to have one in my bedroom or home office to pin up all of my favorite design ideas. For more of this inspiring Fall collection visit Brocade Home.

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    Jeanine, I just got the Brocade Home catalog and thought of you immediately. I loved the medal pedestal table as on as I saw it! It’s almost exactly like one I fell in love with at Storehouse before they went out of business. I am definitely imagining it in my living room! –Chante

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