Minimalist Interiors

So many times modern design can leave people feeling completely empty, with rooms that you can’t identify with, or that you can’t imagine anyone living in. The Shoot Factory, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. This full-service location agency that provides locations for TV, film, and photo shoots (I know I have seen a couple of these homes in Living Etc.), presents homes that are modern in their appeal with unique and fully lived-in identities. In every photo on their website, I can imagine myself living in that particular home, sleeping in the bed, eating at the table, sitting by the fireplace. When you look at a photo you can almost sense the family that lives there – feeling like maybe someone just got up from that chair in the corner, or that the bed was just recently made. Every element is inspiring, and sometimes the lack of elements is just as inspirational. Clear, beautiful rooms that make you feel immediately comfortable and at home. If I could I would pick up tomorrow, move to the U.K. (it’s been a dream for quite some time) and get a job staging beautiful soulful homes at the Shoot Factory, but until that time, I will continue to be inspired by the beautiful homes that they showcase.

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