Fall Warmth

LivingEtc recently updated its photo gallery with this beautiful living room. Posted on Decor8 yesterday, this room has been a source of inspiration. I absolutely love the warmth that radiates from this room – the crackle of the fire, the layers of color and texture, it is the perfect room to rest and relax in as we prepare for Fall.

I am captured by the mix of ethnic pieces in this modern room. The Cameroon Juju Tribal Hat in beautiful grape not only adds color, but a bit of soul to this otherwise clean aesthetic, as does the tapestry beside it. You can find these African tribal hats at Authentic Africa and a similar style daybed at Brocade Home.

If I were to design a room it would be much like this – modern, soulful and full of style. I can already see myself wrapped up by the fire, ready for the cool crisp air of Fall.

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