Shades of Grey

Angel K. Robinson from Write Robinson submitted a letter to AphroChic regarding her new studio with a grey color palette:

Hi Aphrochic! I am currently putting together my new studio and am having a design dilemma. The walls are painted in a cool grey with a white trim on the crown and baseboards. I installed a black ceiling fan. I want the room to have a color palette of grey, black, blue, and white. Can you think of any inspiration rooms you might be able to direct me to? When I saw the black lamps on your blog, I fell immediately in love! Please help, if you can!Thanks a million!

Hi Angel, I have found some great inspiration rooms for your cool grey studio. I think you’ll love the Domino room featured above. Notice how the brown rug warms the space up. Adding a bit of chocolate can make your grey room feel warm and cozy, and not too stale.

By blending together grey, black, and white a beautiful color scheme can be created with pops of an accent color. Here, just a hint of lilac brightens the space. And partnered with the black and white Turned Table Lamp or Lola Floor Lamp, you can really make a statement against this grey color palette.

Colors and textures can also be layered to warm up shades of grey. These high gloss black tables turn the space from plain to bold and interesting. And by layering pillows and throws, the room is no longer harsh, but has a sense of depth and comfort to it.

Here you see the palette again, sleek and simple. While blocks of grey take up the room with the sectional sofa, it is broken up by the crisp white wall. I also love the reflective side table and lamp in this photo. It’s a way for light to reflect in the room despite the dark blocks of color.

As a final note, when using grey stay away from dark accents. Dark or navy blues will just darken the space. Instead add cool blue accents like the painting in the photo above to lighten the space.

Thank you so much for writing Angel! And if any of you have a design question, please submit them to AphroChic. I would be happy to solve all your design dilemmas.

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    Hi Jeanine–In case any of your readers really want a reflective table like the one in this photo, I thought I’d mention that Target actually has a really cool mirrored end table for $99! -Chante


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