A Pillow Obsession

I realize I have a problem. I am absolutely obsessed with pillows. I believe you can never have enough gorgeous throw pillows, and even though I have more than any one person should, I just found two more to add to my must-have this pillow list. These beautiful silk-screened pillows are featured on Etsy and are by Chicago design studio Decorative Instincts. Their love of textiles really shines through on these silk pillows featuring my favorite – a Louis Chair and an elegant chandelier.
If you’re like me, it’s so exciting when you discover something new and unique like these pillows. It’s that piece that can help you express who you are and what you love. That’s probably why I’m obsessed. I’m always looking for that thing that’s me, and these are definitely me.
This weekend, go and find something that is you. Whether online, outside exploring boutiques, or just through self expression, discover something unique; something that is you; something that fulfills your own personal obsession. Have a great weekend. You already know what I’ll be doing – searching for more fabulous pillows.
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  1. Anne
    Anne says:

    I TOTALLY understand!!! Right now, I don’t love the place we’re living and don’t have tons to spend on furniture. So, I’ve been buying and buying pillows to get little splashes of styles and looks that I love in an affordable way. It is getting a bit out of hand, though – I think I have abotu 3 different “sets” of pillows for when I want a different look in the living room! – Anne


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