A Little Bit of Soul

I picked up this painting this weekend at the Santa Barbara Arts Fair. With it’s beautiful blend of lilac and yellow, I love the warm color palette. Finding this unique treasure at the fair made me think about how you can blend something traditional and soulful into your modern interior. With a completely modern home, with favorite finds from DWR and other supermod stores, I’m always thinking about how I can inject a little soul into my home. As much as I love my Philip Stark Ghost Chair, it’s a modern manufactured piece, something that thousands of people own, and something that is not especially unique. But this painting I bought today is a one-of-a-kind piece. A landscape that speaks to me and only me. Something that touches my soul, and not just my perpetually forward-thinking design senses.

For those who love modern decor as much as I do, I invite you to branch out from time-to-time. Add a gilded frame, a landscape painting, a handmade throw. Whatever it is that will make your home just a little more special. I can’t wait to hang my new landscape. It will inject a little soul into my modern space.

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