Sumptuous Purple

It’s all about purple this year. Sumptuous hues of dark plum, red grape, imperial wine, lavender and lilac. partnered with deep yellows and cool greys, the color purple can add depth to your interiors this season.

Against dark brown and neutral shades, wine colors with just a hint of red can add warmth to your space.

Purple immediately adds a pop of color to a cool grey backdrop.

Pick one accessory to feature what can be a bold color.

Or layer on shades of purple with featured accent pieces like this floor lamp.

Explore a whole new color palette for fall, and bring a little purple into your life.

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  1. coco+kelley
    coco+kelley says:

    oh my goodness! i was JUST putting together a load of purple photos this morning. i found myself collecting them unconsciously, and i’ve never really been attracted to this color, but i love the plums and deep fuschias. great post!


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