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What is the first thing that greets you when you enter your home? For me, it’s my kitty, and then my desk filled with a jumble of mail, stationery, invites, and event reminders. My initial “landing strip”, as it is referred to over at Apartment Therapy, needs a lot of work.

For those participating in Week 4 of the Apartment Therapy Cure, I thought I would provide you with a little bit of inspiration. That moment when you open the door can be a breathtaking experience of beauty and organization. I hope these pictures provide hope and inspiration, so that when you open the front door you can be greeted with something simple and beautiful – a landing strip that works for you.

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You can create a clean and welcoming space with an all-white palette. I love how airy this workspace is. File your mail away in a stylish and sleek folder. Hide keys in a glossy white box. If your landing strip is in a snug corner, use a chair that doesn’t take up too much visual space, like the Philippe Stark Ghost Chair.

{Image from Living Etc.}

A narrow hallway can be the perfect place to get organized. With a slim bench for shoes and handbags, this small space can fulfill all your organizational needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Here, a trellis works as the perfect coat hanger. You can also find stylish hooks at Anthropologie.

{Image from Living Etc.}

Make your hallway yours. Inject your own quirky style and taste. Don’t be afraid to showcase those cute cards and invites you received. The hallway doesn’t have to be a stale, unlivable environment. Instead create a space that you’re happy to come home to.

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Make your landing strip a part of your home. That place where you open the mail, balance the checkbook, and pay bills, should be as warm and cozy as all the other rooms in your home. Make the first space you see when you get home, beautiful and welcoming just for you.

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