Pure Deco

If you have a passion for home decor, you must visit the online shopping boutique, Pure Deco. This French boutique is at the top of my list, offering great design and wonderful service. I recently fell in love with their collection of textiles from designer Leonor Mataillet.

Leonor, who has been featured in beloved magazines like Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire Maison, creates these inspired silhouette cushions featured below. After just one look at her work on Pure Deco ,I knew I had to have at least one or two of her cushions.

Needless to say, I can be difficult, and of course picked a set of cushions that Pure Deco did not have on their site. Within a couple of days of contacting them, Founder Corinne Piot went completely out of her way to get the cushions I wanted up on their site and ready to order. I ordered two just yesterday, and am so excited to see how they will look in the apartment.
I cannot thank Corinne enough for her kind service. And if you love Leonor Mataillet like I do, please visit the boutique to view more of her beautiful collection. Thank you Corinne!
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