Ode to White

I love Living Etc.’s article on the white cube. White is such an important part of modern decor. Layering this color in its different textures and variations, the color white can be part of a warm and comfortable environment. For some, white is considered safe and a bit boring, but the white cube above shows something completely different. It’s that color that makes everything stand out, that creates a deep contrast, and that highlights all the bits of color going on in your space.

I love how the color in this home stands out against the all-white palette. Highlighting shape, texture, and making furniture feel more like sculpture than everyday pieces, white can create such an exciting home environment. The white cube above is my ode to the color. A key example of how that “safe” color can create an interesting and distinct home.
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  1. moodboard
    moodboard says:

    I love this home. Everything seems so fresh and bright against white, not sterile at all. I’ve had to use a similar palette in our home since we can’t paint the walls.

  2. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Hi! I love your blog. I’ve been writing a lot lately about white. I always used to decorate with all white (which I still love and makes me swoon).Over the last several years I’ve been using a lot of color. Lately, almost too much and I am starting to crave all white again.I don’t find white sterile or boring, I find it restful. And it’s more difficult to use than people think because there are about a zillion shade of white.Great post.


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