British Invasion (Part II)

My Union Jack obsession continues. I absolutely love this set of pillows from Home Republic on Ebay. I continue to try to think of ways to fit these “Q” British Queen Pillow Covers into my home decor. A completely modern take on the Queen Mum.

As I mentioned in Part I of this post, West Elm is also getting in on bold UK-inspired style. Their Kensington Pillow Cover celebrates mod British style, with the Union Jack presented in a fresh color palette of purples and blues. In a wool knit blend, these are perfect for an ultra-modern as well as contemporary space.

But if you really want to make a graphic statement check out the Rug Company’s VW Rug by Vivienne Westwood. I love the worn feel of this piece. It’s like having your very own piece of history.

I am always looking to the UK for design inspiration, so it’s no wonder I keep coming back to the Union Jack. It can be wonderful to be inspired by culture and its modern interpretation. Whether you’re into the British invasion or some other area of material culture, introduce a bit of history into your home, and don’t be afraid to take a modern twist.

Have fun and happy Friday! Oh, and “God Save the Queen!” or something to that effect.
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  1. Sylvie
    Sylvie says:

    I love the Vivienne Westwood rug. It looks really great in their catalog; it’s in an old Victorian building with exposed and peeling bricks, and warped, wide-plank floorboards. Perfect.Speaking of Vivienne Westwood (Malcom McClaren)and God Save the Queen (The Sex Pistols), my friend Nick Egan designed the God Save the Queen t-shirt, way back when :)


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