Going Baroque

Baroque is defined as: extravagantly ornate, florid, and elaborate. It represents high drama. With dramatic effects, heavy ornamentation, and excessive styling, it is the theatrical staging of home decor.

I always wonder what it is about this style that appeals to me. A modern girl myself, I’m still drawn to the curves, drama, and overwhelming elegance that the Baroque period has to offer. Here are a few of my favorite things that Baroque style can add to today’s modern interior.

{Image from Marie Claire Maison}

I love this room. It feels like modern meets palatial. With a neutral palette, this room stays warm, cozy, and grounded. The extravagance comes in the heavy encrusted gold frames. Each one a testament to extravagantly ornate Baroque style.

{Image from Marie Claire Maison}

This rock n’ roll room is all about drama. An off-the-wall color palette mixed with rich textures, golden hues, and large scale pieces creates a theatrical presentation with a bit of that rockin edge.

{Image from Living Etc.}

Who knew modern could be so ornate? In rich black leather this settee becomes a modern period piece. The gold ornamentation keeps it grounded in its 17th century roots.

{Image from Marie Claire Maison}

A little Baroque styling can go a long way. The ornate fireplace and ornamental molding add so much to this room. Not just another modern interior, something warm and special happens when you introduce 17th century architecture.

While heavy and ornate is not for everyone, there is no question that extravagance can have a place in modern interiors. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. It’s out of the box, and adds a bit of the past in today’s modern homes. I invite you to go Baroque, and add a little bit of old-school drama to your home.

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  1. Xander
    Xander says:

    Those are all really incredible rooms. I like the first one especially; the combination of subdued colors and baroque styling is rather powerful. What I like most is the hidden simplicity of these rooms; for the most part they’re actually rather spare and uncluttered. The baroque details of the select furnishing just add so much life, that it distracts from that. Thanks for sharing these finds! -X


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