It can be so exhilarating when you discover a new artist. Not only is art wonderful for its aesthetic value, but for me, I love to discover something that makes me feel differently. That’s what I felt the minute I saw the work on the Duskyward website. The site features the work of Los Angeles artist Tracy Robinson.

I am inspired by Tracy’s raw and edgy pieces. Featuring fashion forward women with modern sensibilities, I immediately fell in love with each piece in her shop. Blending fashion illustration with classic art aesthetics, these pieces are completely original. I am drawn into each woman’s life, whether it is a day in the park, walking the dog, or standing outside of a storefront.
Girl In the Park


Tracy’s work is truly exciting, immediately evoking joy, even melancholy and a sense of serenity. And with prints starting at the modest price of $25, I may soon have a whole wall full of work from Duskyward.

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