Layer on the Drama

Bo Concept’s 2008 catalogue is full of luxury and drama. With rich textures, including felt pillows which are very in right now, and deep hues of purple, brown and grey, their new collection is right in the moment for modern interiors.

Some of my favorites are these gorgeous throw pillows. I love the ruched and puckered affects. They are offer something new and interesting in the world of cushions and pillows. And the beautiful leaf motif is perfect for a luxe Fall or Winter interior.

Could these vases be any more beautiful? I love the way the metallics warm up the purple and blue color palette. These smoky and dark glass vases will add a bit of sensuality and sophistication to your modern interior.

As always, Bo Concept offers stylish modern living that showcases the latest in colors, texture and design without the high designer price tag. I love this store. Now, if only there were one in San Francisco.

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