Out of the Box

It can be amazing when a designer comes completely out of the box. Thinking of new design, function and whole new mediums to create and innovate upon. I am in love with the work of designer Wendy Plomp. Her innovative designs are not only out of the box, but on the box, transforming cardboard boxes to modern magical carpets.

Wendy was inspired by the cardboard box as a functional piece. Something I can understand as an urban dweller who used my cardboard boxes as temporary side tables, TV stands, even dressers when waiting on my furniture to finally be shipped from Washington D.C. to San Francisco.

Wendy completely takes us all on a “magic carpet ride” with her amazing designs in bright and vivid colors. A modern taken on Moroccan-inspired interiors, she blends today’s hottest color combinations – purple, yellow, and crisp white – to create a work of art that many would be proud to showcase.

Be on the lookout for more innovative and inspiring designs from this international artist.

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