Chic Silhouettes

I am absolutely in love with silhouettes. In my home I have built my own collection of silhoutte pieces, with prints, pillows and other decor covered in black and white images of figures that I am fascinated by. There is something about silhouettes, how an entire story can be captured in such a simple image, whether cool or classy, cheeky or fun, or even holding a hidden message within.

I love the silhouette stationery by Jezebel. With the motto, “slip off your satin slippers, i’ve been waiting for you”, I can’t wait to explore each and every one of these letterpressed cards. Pairing vintage silhouettes with a 21st century storyline, men in top hats, and women in fur stoles join with a car called Cleopatra, and Violet the libertine.

Jezebel Stationery

I can’t think about silhouettes without reflecting on the work of artist Kara Walker. Her eerie silhouettes hold hidden meanings about oppression, violence, and a history, that unfortunately, is not far enough behind us. She reflects on history’s darkest moments through vintage victorian-style imagery.

Kara Walker

For me, I also love that girly feeling that silhouettes can bring. Like these cards from Pink Loves Brown. Girls with attitude, curvy figures, and sweet palettes in pink, baby blue and brown. So cute.

My favorite series of silhouette cards has to be the line of greeting cards produced by Silhouette Blue. A line of cards for all of life’s celebrations featuring chic ladies like Audrey Hepburn and gals who just want to have fun. Cute and fun-loving just like me.

Silhoutte Blue

Silhouettes tell a story. They leave us with just a little something for the imagination, engaging our mind in a narrative that we are free to create. I will be exploring this theme in 2008 with my own special silhouette project. More to come…

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