Out of Africa

Out of Africa

February is a very special month to me. As a person of African descent, the celebration of Black History Month has special significance in my life. This month I plan to pay special attention to showcase and highlight the work of those of the African diaspora.

Art and design from Africa is currently hitting the market in mainstream fashion. Anthropologie’s Spring catalogue features many new items handmade in South Africa and Swaziland, and inspired by the beautiful designs of the Continent. Here are a few of my favorites designed and inspired by African artisans:

1. Lutdinzi Basket handmade in Swaziland; 2. Shweshwe Cup & Saucer handmade in South Africa; 3. Kwazulu Coasters from Swaziland; 4. Hoopoe Bird made by South African wireworkers; 5. Ink Forest Dinnerware inspired by the tattoos of African tribesmen; and 6. Wola Nani Shweshwe Bowl handmade in South Africa.

You can explore more of the work by African artisans at Anthropologie in Rockefeller Plaza, New York.

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  1. AphroChic
    AphroChic says:

    Hi Nikki,They do not have the Juju headdress at Anthropologie, but here are three places where you can find one: http://www.africanart.com. I bought mine from here and was extremely happy with my purchase. You can also visit http://www.authenticafrica.com and they will usually have a shipment in stock. If you’re in New York, you can also buy one at Room and Board’s Soho store.Please let me know if you would like any further information. Getting one is definitely worthwhile and will add a special touch to your interior.

  2. Xander
    Xander says:

    Wow, that hoopoe is very cool! It reminds me of the stuff at Heartworks, a store I loved in Cape Town. They had all sorts of quirky but affordable South African artwork. -X


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