Happy Valentine’s

For Your Valentine, originally uploaded by AphroChic.

1. Love Mug at Rockett St George, 2. Love pillow at Calypso, 3. Love Wall Tattoos at Rockett St George, 4. Love Pillowcase at Lush Designs, 5. Message Envelope Necklace at Urban Outfitters, 6. Forever 21 Love Earrings, 7. Kiss Dessert Plates at Plasticland, 8. Heart Mug at Candystore Collective, 9. Black Resin Cameo Box at Plasticland. Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Here are a few romantic gifts to share with the one you love this Valentine’s Day. They are not the typical red roses, or heart-shaped chocolates, but instead gifts that get to the heart of romance – a message in an envelope, a romantic kiss, or just a new way to say “I love you”.

I will be with my hubbie on Valentine’s Day, and so will not be blogging, but I wish you love, love, love. Enjoy your day, and this romantic song by the lovely Chrisette Michele. It is dedicated to all of you who come and visit AphroChic every day.

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