What Dreams May Come…

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

I received a package in the mail last week. Inside was something truly incredible. Something that for years had only been a dream. In a box from the other side of the world was something magical – my very own Moroccan wedding blanket.

I am still so surprised that the blanket has made it here. It was months ago, after seeing a post on decor8 about Holly Becker’s new Moroccan blanket that I started on my very own journey. For years I had wanted one, but knew that it would be too expensive and also unlikely to find one in the U.S. Then I came upon Holly’s post and learned about the wonderful Maryam from Marrakesh. At the time, the blanket was still beyond my grasp. But in the coming months, with a turn of luck and the good fortune that I had kept Maryam’s contact information, a blanket was soon to be mine.

For weeks Maryam and I traded e-mails, learning about one another, two women blogging a world away from each other. Then she found it. My blanket. The photos were sent, lots of thank you’s e-mailed, and the blanket was soon on its way. What an amazing journey it has been.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

At one time this blanket was loved by a bride, a woman who received this special gift in preparation for her wedding day. Every sequin, every thread would have been lovingly stitched into place for the bride’s special day.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Now preparing to sit at the foot of my bed, I can enjoy this exquisitely detailed vintage piece, and with it the beautiful slippers that Maryam sent as a gift.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

If you have ever had such a dream, one that seemed just outside your grasp and have dreamed of a blanket like this one, visit Maryam. She is a woman who turns dreams into reality; who sends magic packages right to your doorstep; who lets you enter a world that you may only have only known in picture books and fairytales. Because of her my fairytale has become a reality.

Thank you Maryam. I cannot thank you enough.

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  1. decor8
    decor8 says:

    You’re moving to California!? Whereabouts? And congratulations on your AMAZING throw! Wow! It’s wonderful. I am so happy you’ve also found your dream blanket. :) Maryam made our dreams come true!!!

  2. Gillian @ Indigo Blue
    Gillian @ Indigo Blue says:

    That is one groovy blanket. Glad you were able to afford it!!! Lucky gal.Those slippers are great, I bought some and they have been my traveling blog slippers, spending time in cities everywhere with me!(They get a lot of elevator stares when I go to fetch my morning tea!)

  3. AphroChic
    AphroChic says:

    Thank you all so much. I’m glad you love this gorgeous blanket as much as I do. It will be very comfy in my San Francisco apartment. Jlc Studio, thank you so much for the hint. There is a reason I haven’t shown the blanket in its full glory yet. There will definitely be some future home pics in the next few months, along with a bedroom renovation project that I can’t wait to show you!Holly, I have to give a special thanks to you! If I hadn’t seen the blanket on your blog my dream would never have come true.Thank you so much Maryam! You really are a fairy godmother.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

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