New York Blog Tour Part II: Calypso Home

My friends know that I am easily excited by many things, and I was so happy and excited to visit Calypso on Madison Avenue. Having explored the store’s website many times, I wanted to see all of their special finds up close and personal. With an-all white space that hosts some of the most beautiful pillows, accessories, bold furniture and decor, the store was absolutely breathtaking.

Quickly rushing by the first two floors, which hosted an exquisite collection of clothing and jewelry, I headed to the home and housewares section where I could have spent hours pouring over the detailed displays. I actually did spend an hour perusing and taking in the beautiful displays the store had to offer.

calypso pillows 2

Calypso is all about the airy side of life. You won’t find anything over-designed or stuffy here. Instead, pieces stand out against the all-white backdrop and are simply well-made furniture and decor that will fit easily into any lifestyle.

calypso golden pig

Some of my favorite things are the whimsical details like this golden pig. He is just so cute!

calypso display

I had to stop myself from buying these black and white storage boxes. With a little bit of an African feel to them, they would have looked amazing in my apartment. Unfortunately, they were just a little too much for my budget.

calypso bedroom

Bold prints, metallics, sumptuous textiles, it can all be found at Calypso.

calypso pillows 3

I really love this pillow covered in cow hide. A reinterpretation of rustic style that looks so glamorous in cream and gold.

If you’re not in New York, you can find Calypso stores in California, Texas and Florida, and check the website as they are expanding to more states and cities. For the rest of us (unfortunately there is no Calypso in San Francisco), you can view and order items from the lovely product line on their website.

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