Happy Friday!

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The weekend is upon us. I am ready to get started since I have a couple of new design projects that I’m working on. I was looking through my archives and came upon these images from InStyle Magazine. I absolutely love this design quote from Tracee Ellis Ross:

My design philosophy and fashion philosophy are the same: Just follow your heart and choose whatever makes you smile.

I could not agree more. Design is about what you love, so I hope that this weekend you find something lovely for your home, whether a new piece of furniture, something decorative, or just a nice bunch of flowers to spruce up your home for Spring.

To help you get started, here are few things that might interest you:

1. Check out Jayson Home and Garden. They have beautiful new furniture under the Rare Finds collection. A virtual flea market, you are sure to find something for your “I can’t live without it!” list.

2. Submit your moodboard for Nora’s apartment. I will post all of your lovely work next week.

3. Finally, have a wonderful weekend! Catch up on all of your favorite blogs (that’s what I’ll be doing), find a comfy place to sit back and relax, and enjoy your home.

Happy Friday!

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