Liselotte Watkins

Liselotte Watkins

I absolutely love fashion illustration. There is just something about it – high fashion as art – that I really connect with. That’s why I am always happy to come across a fashion illustrator who truly inspires. And I was so happy when I came across the work of Liselotte Watkins.

With a strong sense of color, movement, and even a little bit of whit, Liselotte’s fashion illustrations will transport you to a whole new world. Exploring the diversity of nature and culture, there is such overwhelming creativity in her portfolio.

liselotte watkins




Creating a strong cast of characters from all points of the world, I can just envision an amazing wall full of Liselotte’s illustrations.

You can view more of her work here. Hopefully she’ll have a showing in the U.S. soon. I would love to view her work up close and personal.

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  1. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    I really love it. Illustration and the “visual” are so important to me. I’d read a magazine that featured her work.I also like the work of Schiaparelli (sp?) from the old Vogue magazines.


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