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Martin Showroom 9

I love surprises and that feeling you get when you are greeted by the unexpected. On a day in St. Helena, in the midst of California Wine Country, I was greeted by the unexpected. On the main road of the small town of St. Helena, that’s filled with boutiques, I came upon Martin, an interior design showroom by designer Erin Martin. Filled to the brim with unexpected finds, I am so happy that I had my camera so that I could take some pics for all of you.

Martin Showroom 3

Martin Showroom 8

Martin Showroom 1

To say that the showroom is inspirational is an understatement. It is clear that there is a strong design philosophy in place here. Pieces have been carefully chosen in what is a beautifully curated showroom that you could get lost in for days.

Modern meets vintage; traditional meets contemporary; and ethnic accessories are beautifully woven within the space. There is also an abounding sense of creativity. I was immediately struck by a wall made of archery targets. Amazing!

A study in a refined color palette, the showroom’s eclectic style is grounded by a clean neutral color scheme, helping all of the pieces come together harmoniously. A pair of bikes sitting next to a large wood console makes sense in this space because of the clean and clear color choices.

Martin Showroom 10

Martin Showroom 6

Martin Showroom 2

The photos above show just a taste of what Martin has to offer. Next time you are in the Napa Valley, you must stop by this amazing trove of interior design. I promise, you will want to spend hours just looking through the finds and studying how this variety comes together to create a seamless show space.

And while you’re in the area, of course be sure to do some wine tasting. I must suggest the T-Vine Napa Valley Grenache. Another unexpected surprise that made my day in St. Helena even more wonderful.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have two comments.1) This shop is so amazing and it makes me really miss living in an area with such shops. I feel like I am largely in a design wasteland out here! and2) I once lived in a studio apartment in France that had the same stone walls as this shop–sooo beautiful! :)-Chante

  2. Jeanine Hays
    Jeanine Hays says:

    I agree, the stone walls are amazing. They also had this 16th century door that was a work of art. The funny thing is the store is on a lazy little street, with lots of nice shops, and then this amazing store that comes out of nowhere. I guess you never know what you’re going to find.


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