KleinReid Porcelain

klein reid hawthorne vases

The Brooklyn-based studio of KleinReid is making porcelain cool. Bringing handmade quality into modern homes, this studio’s hand-mixed porcelain takes on modern shapes, with glazes that range from bright and shiny to classic black and white.

You can find their new line of Hawthorne Vases at Room and Board, but if you’re in search of more of their work, just check out their website.

klein reid Constance w/ Flowers

You have never seen porcelain look so good. KleinReid takes on innovative designs like the Constance Vase with Flowers, where each flower is handmade and applied one at at time to create this gorgeous bouquet.

klein reid AlfredLamp

Their Alfred Lamp is a work of art, sculpted and beautifully glazed in high gloss white.

klein reid BlackBisque

And their Black Bisque series is definitely modern, bringing a little bit of edge to traditional porcelain.

If you are looking for handmade chic, look no further than KleinReid, contemporary pottery that is sure to look gorgeous in your home.

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