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Rian Rae moroccan table

I have been thinking a lot about Morocco lately. For years I have wanted to visit this far-off place. I can see myself roaming through the bazaars, searching out just the right textiles, tasting the beautiful and exotic foods of the country. Somehow, it is a place that I long to experience, and while I might not get there just yet, I enjoy the experience of discovering Moroccan-inspired finds like those at Rian Rae.

Rian Rae pasha tray

Blending modernity and tradition (something that I absolutely love) you will find Moroccan wares that have been rethought and transformed. A Moorish table in cast aluminum, delicately designed silver trays, woven metal stools, a glass tangine – the handmade works at Rian Rae are truly special.

Rian Rae woven aluminum stools

Rian Rae silvertrays

If you are like me and looking for a bit of Morocco, visit Rian Rae. You are sure to discover something spectacular. And if you would love to read about the country, visit My Marrakesh. It is incredible to read about Maryam’s amazing life in Morocco.

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  1. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    The pieces are lovely. I am planning a trip to Morroco this year in December. It’s a fascinating & amazing country. The textiles and architecture are unreal.

  2. Yoli
    Yoli says:

    Guys you should stay at Maryam’s Place, Peacok Pavilion! It will open this November. The place is breath taking. Maryam has such an eye and attention to detail. Aside from this, she is a really lovely human being. I can’t wait to go myself. In the mean time, I bought a wedding blanket from Maryam. It transformed my space with the magic of Marrakesh.I am off to check Rian Rae. Thanks for the link.

  3. Jeanine Hays
    Jeanine Hays says:

    Thanks so much Yoli. I am definitely planning to get in touch with Maryam when I make my plans. I can’t wait to see her Peacock Pavilions! From what I’ve seen on her blog, it is going to be an incredible experience.


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