IKEA Goes Bourgeois


I am so sorry about the light post yesterday. I must admit that I didn’t get to posting until pretty late. I was celebrating the Celtics’ victory in Boston last night. Go Celtics!

But, back to the world of design. I don’t know if you’ve been on the IKEA website lately. If so, you may have noticed that the Scandinavian furniture chain is introducing a whole new style. With a new line of wall stickers to rival companies like Blik, and a new line of furniture with curvy features, scalloped edges, and fancy styling, IKEA is getting a little bourgeoisie.

ikea trollsta sideboard

Pieces like this Trollsta Sideboard seem to be an answer to modern luxe, and stores like Brocade Home that showcase the more delicate side of design.

trollsta side table

The Trollsta collection has a lot to offer, mixing classical shapes with modern colors. Wouldn’t this bright yellow side table be the perfect accent piece in an all-white scheme?

ikea trollsta cabinet

And pieces like the Trollsta Cabinet maintain clean and modern lines atop curvy legs.

At it’s usual reasonable price point, IKEA is offering bourgeois style for the masses, and I have to admit I am loving this new look.

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  1. sdg1844
    sdg1844 says:

    Well, well, well. I am surprised. I haven’t been to or visited the Ikea site in ages. Their furniture was not up my alley.Nice pieces. I’ll have to check them out. No worries about the post yesterday. Just keep introducing us to wonderful things.Smile

  2. SimplyGrove
    SimplyGrove says:

    I love there new stuff!! I purchased the adorable frame wall decals and I am having a hard time keeping them up. They are not super sticky so I think I am gonna glue them. They look so cool!!!

  3. Jeanine Hays
    Jeanine Hays says:

    Simplygrove, you should send us a pic. I would love to see how the stickers look. Instead of glue, I would suggest double-sided tape. 3M makes some that works perfectly.


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