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loring sofa
{Loring Sofa}

We all know that the economy is a little shaky right now. And even though I love to bring you beautiful things every day, I am also cognizant of the fact that some of these things come with a steep price tag.

Well, you will be happy to know that stores like Room & Board have also been thinking about the economy and how to bring affordable furniture to their customers. With a whole new line of gorgeous sofas that are under $900 (can you believe it!), these sofas will look beautiful in your home and will also save you a little cash.

Here are my favorites. Some are a little over $900, but with lots of style, the price is definitely right.


lenox sofa

The Lenox Sofa is perfect for small spaces, and for only $899 this studio sofa will inject classic style at a reasonable price.

westwood sofa

Streamlined and with a little bit of detail, the Westwood Sofa is under $900 and will work well in a modern interior.

hawthorne sofa

The Hawthorne Sofa is a real classic. This cozy two-cushion sofa just calls you to lay down and get comfy. It’s a little more than $900, but for $1149 it’s still a fantastic deal.

haley sofa

The Haley Sofa is one my favorites. With clean masculine lines and pinstriped fabric, it has the same refined look as a well-tailored suit. It’s unbelievable that this six-and-a-half-foot sofa is $899.

If you’re remodeling or looking for new seating, definitely head over to Room & Board. These are great home furnishings at a price that won’t break the bank.

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  1. sdg1844
    sdg1844 says:

    I am a HUGE Room & Board Fan. I’m glad they started lowering some of their prices. The mid-century lines and styling of the first several couches is truly lovely.I have yet to get to their store here in San Fran.

  2. Jeanine Hays
    Jeanine Hays says:

    You should definitely pay a visit to their store here in the city. It’s their biggest store, and the showspaces are beautiful. Plus, you can try out all of those comfy sofas in person.

  3. home
    home says:

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