Spotted Them: Cebu Sphere Lamps

Roost Cebu Sphere Lamps

I am in love with this lighting by Roost. These Cebu Sphere Lamps are made from re-purposed fishing lines woven with vines. A wonderful way to promote sustainable design, light is reflected beautifully within these unique globes.

How excited I was when I spotted one of these beautiful lamps in last month’s issue of Domino Magazine. Featured in the home of Nonchalant Mom Carina Schott, the Cebu Sphere Lamp fits perfectly into her laid back and kid friendly home.

Carina Schott Home

A single hanging globe becomes a unique pendant lamp.

Carina Schott Home

The lamp casts a warm and sunny glow within the living space.

Cebu Sphere Lamps are available in the Roost Shop at Velocity Art and Design. An absolutely perfect way to add a little something special to your home.

{Images: Velocity, Domino Magazine}

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