Anthropologie: Opulence Defined

anthro opulent room

I may be one of the few people who goes to Anthropologie just for the housewares. While their clothes are beautiful, it’s the items for the home that leave a lasting impression with me. This year, their fall catalogue is so impressive. Deep colors, beautiful prints, and hints of gold that the make the items for home so special.

anthro peacock plates

Anthropologie has truly defined opulence, showing us that it is not found in over-the-top gaudy interiors, but in items that feel as if they could pass the test of time.

anthro ikat bowls

Opulence is not about being super-rich, but instead, can be found in the smallest things. A beautiful bowl, tea cups that add a little bit of luxury, or silk pillows that make you feel like a movie star.

anthro tableware

Adorn your home with a little bit of opulence, and see how a little luxury can go a long way.

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