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Name: Kirsten Grove
Place: Boise, Idaho
Blog: SimplyGrove
Business: Simply Grove Interiors

I was so happy to be able to interview Kirsten Grove from one of my favorite blogs, SimplyGrove. Kirsten, a mother of two, and interior designer, has a unique style that is an eclectic mix of modern and classic. I asked Kirsten about the inspiration for her wonderfully stylish abode.

How would you describe your style?
My style is a mix, drawing from all eras and periods. I love traditional style because it will always be around. I am drawn to black and white. Whenever I’m shopping my eye is always drawn to a white piece and a black and white pattern. I love the look of a room when it’s all white, and then you just have one colorful piece. And drawing from an eclectic mix…mid-century, modern, glamour.

my home 5

Where does your inspiration come from?
Looking through magazines. I love the European magazines and seeing what the Scandinavians are doing, what the French are doing, what they’re doing in Australia and Asia. I love movies. I just saw Dan in Real Life. I love when a movie has a specific location and feel. You’ve Got Mail makes me want to go out and decorate a home. I’m also inspired by fresh flowers, colors, shapes, and different textures. Anything living – fruit, vegetables and the colors that they give.

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You are able to blend together a multitude of styles. How do you make it work?
I kind of don’t have a rhyme or reason. I have to try things together. If I’m in a store, and I see a table on one side of the store, and a rug on the other side, I have to get the two together. It’s just a feeling it’s going to work. If I’m agitated and not sure, I know I’m not going to love it and my client is not going to love it.

With patterns and textures, I will just throw a hundred pillows on the couch, remove some, add some, and then I come up with it. I definitely have an organic process. It’s what I feel would be beautiful. It’s not about how you get there, but that it’s beautiful in the end. That’s what matters.

What is your favorite room in your home?
It changes constantly. It was my formal dining room, which isn’t very formal. We hardly eat there. It’s really our game room. It felt like me. Such a mix of all types of whatever.


Right now my son’s room is my favorite. I just finished it last week. I wanted to create a room that was already very clean-lined, and white, so that when he does mess it up it won’t look too chaotic. It’s decorated with my husband’s art, and pieces that I gathered from Etsy. Very simple, clean, quirky. His room is my favorite right now. I love that he loves it.

Blogging Ethans Rm Master

Your favorite piece of furniture?
The turquoise chair. That’s my favorite. My second favorite is the Panton style S chair. I do love it because it can go in any room, corner, anywhere, and just look amazing. My turquoise chair is the staple of my house.

love & chair

my home

What’s next for your home?
I need to finish my daughter’s room. That’s very important. We also want to rip out our carpet. We have wood floors in forty percent of our downstairs, and want to put wood floors in the rest of the rooms. I also want to wallpaper our powder room. I’m in the process of looking for the perfect quirky wallpaper.

Blogging Tour Dining Rm Master

Any tips for readers who are looking for design inspiration?
One of the tips that I always give friends or people that I just met is to find what they love. I ask clients to pick three photos from a magazine and pick out what they love. Most times you can just tell from what they choose.

My advice, look through a magazine, mark the rooms that you’re just drawn to. Don’t settle for second best. It’s where you live. You have to make it a place where you walk in and it just feels beautiful to you.

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For more on Kirsten Grove’s style, check out her wonderful blog, SimplyGrove.

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  1. Marin A.
    Marin A. says:

    Let me say first off, I LOVE your blog, it is on my favs Blog roll… =)This home is fantastic… I love the combination of modern simplicity and vintage just works… Love it!Marin

  2. Shea Lucia
    Shea Lucia says:

    What a wonderful piece! I recently joined SimplyGrove and have adored exploring her posts. Then, today I came across your little slice of heaven and *tah dah* a whole new revelation about her style AND yours! Ahh, the wonderful world of blogging! :) Thanks so much.


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