OBAMA ’08 VOTE CHANGE, originally uploaded by xtrapop.

It’s Election Day here in the United States. I am asking all AC readers to get out and vote! Whether Democrat or Republican, it’s important for all of us to exercise our right to vote.

And I have to apologize for the lack of posts this week. I have been spending the last two days getting ready for my election shindig later tonight. I promise to be back with a full post later this week, including photos from my election bash.

Now, go VOTE!

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  1. kay*
    kay* says:

    i’m not american but i dont think you have to be to appreciate, be proud and excited about what has happened in the US. i held an election party last night in new jersey and am seriously considering getting a bus load of folks from toronto (my home) or at least a car full and making a road trip to washington for jan.20. yes america! yes you can and yes you did!


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