I received an e-mail from Gabriele Blumberg-Tobergte letting me know about her incredible company, Loulisa. Featuring the work of Indian artists, Loulisa sells stone sculptures hand-carved by skilled artisans.

loulisa buddha head

Her website states:
The hand-carved items which you will find here are made in a small Indian village outside Puri in the State of Orissa on the Northeast coast of India. They are a timeless reflection of a glorious tradition, an unfinished story in stone. Each piece is hand-carved with love and care by skilled artisans out of a hard marbled Standstone which you will find in the State of Orissa.

loulisa ganesh

Unlike many sculptures that are crafted solely for display, Loulisa provides art for the soul. Stone carvings are created using traditional methods free of machinery. And instead of using cement or basic stone, these pieces come from marbled sandstone.

loulisa tortoise

As the holidays approach, these soulful items will surely make a wonderful gift for you and your family, and will support the work of artists from around the world. Visit Loulisa to see more of their unique works. And if you are interested in purchasing, contact Gabriele directly.

And, speaking of the holidays, the AphroChic Holiday Guide begins on Monday! I promise you won’t want to miss next week’s posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    I love these statues. The work is so intricate. Can’t wait for the shopping guide.< HREF="http://blackbohemian.wordpress.com/" REL="nofollow">Black Bohemian<>


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