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Happy New Year to you! It’s absolutely wonderful to be back and posting again. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday. I received lots of fun gifts that I will be sure to share with you over the next few weeks.


Here is something new from a wonderfully talented designer, Lincoln Kayiwa. This Finland-based designer, who is orginally from Uganda, creates innovative and functional products perfect for the modern home.


This beautiful FAITH candelabra has a unique and versatile design. It can also work as a floral vase, and comes in porcelain, gold, and silver.

Check out more of Lincoln’s incredible products right here.

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  1. Get Togetha
    Get Togetha says:

    Happy New Year Aphochic! Just wanted to drop a line and wish you well wishes for the 09! Let’s make this year a great year filled with inspiration, passion, and fun.GT


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