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I first read about WAFRICA on Out and About in Africa. These beautiful textiles by designer Serge Mouangue blend both Japanese and African style, creating something truly unique.


“I pursue and observe the complexity of different values and cultural identities in search of threads to weave a fabric which is a blending of these differences.” – Serge Mouangue


This Cameroon-born designer studied interior and industrial design in Europe, China, Australia, Turkey, Mexico and the United States. It was in France that he began taking courses in Japanese language and culture. Serge then moved to Japan and found parallels between the deep-rooted traditions of his homeland and that of Japanese culture.


WAFRICA style brings two completely different worlds together, celebrating ancient customs and modern sensibilities. Serge’s designs are beautiful and harmonious. A testament to globalization and how we can weave together different identities.

I find Serge’s work refreshing. He offers a new perspective for design and shows how even with our differences a connection can be discovered.

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  1. Style Noir
    Style Noir says:

    Yeah– I came across these photos a couple months ago, while I was living in Japan. Brilliant.It’s interesting, actually– there’s a long list of pretty striking similarities between Japanese culture and some of the cultures of West Africa…

  2. AphroChic
    AphroChic says:

    My husband has also talked about the similarities between those two cultures. It would be an interesting comparative study. I love how he builds the relationships between these two places, and how it strikes conversation. Just what I think Serge was going for.Moodboard, I didn’t get your e-mail. Sorry. Can you send me something via Flickr?


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