Ethnic Inspired Interiors

Image from {kay*}.

I have been so inspired by comments on how readers blend style and culture in their own home.

One of my favorite Flickr groups is a collection of ethnic-inspired interiors. These are beautiful examples of homes with global style that are modern and personal. Here are some of my favorite ethnic-inspired spaces that are sure to inspire you.

Image from kimhas6cats.

Ethnic textiles are integrated seamlessly into this bright and modern dining room. They immediately add warmth to this room with white and stainless steel elements.

Image from ♥threadbare.

Image from ♥threadbare.

These homes blend culture so beautifully. I love how diverse pieces come together through a unified palette, and how statements are made with bright pops of color.

Image from Circa.
Diverse textures and warm woods make ethnic-inspired interiors feel cozy.
See more inspirational photos from this group right here.
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  1. AphroChic
    AphroChic says:

    One thing that these pictures show is that integrating ethnic textiles and art into interiors should be an edited process. You don’t want your space to be overwhelmed with giraffes, tribal themed rugs, etc. Basically, you don’t want to feel like you’re on safari. Instead, blend items into your existing style using color and pattern to tie things together. With a coherent collection and vision, everything will come together beautifully.


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