Natural Elements at Urban Outfitters

uo indigo leaves rug

Urban Outfitters just keeps getting better. Featuring the work of new and upcoming artists, and with their ever expanding catalogue of unique finds for the home, U.O. is quickly becoming one of my favorite places for what’s new and unexpected. I am currently in love with their collection of nature-inspired furniture and decor.

With themes of environmental responsibility and bringing the outdoors in, these natural elements are soft, unexpected and absolutely beautiful.

uo bird pendant lamp

This Bird Pendant Light has an ethereal quality. Artist Hung Ming Chen’s brass bird sculpture feels as if it’s ready to take to the skies.

uo teakwood root stool

This eco-friendly Teakwood Root Stool is handcrafted from salvaged teak tree roots.

uo tree kit

I love this Grow Your Own Tree kit. Everything you need to grow your own palm or apple tree is included, and proceeds from the sale go to charities devoted to replenishing forests. How clever!

Fall in love with more natural elements at Urban Outfitters.

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    Wow.!! I too found a huge selection of beautiful natural elements at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Urban Outfitters<>.


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