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hanging egg chair regency shop
Regency Shop

I absolutely love modern design. I have come close to giving my husband a heart attack over my modern furniture wish list, which includes a whole set of Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs, a purple Womb Chair, and of course an Eames Lounge Chair.

With my love of all things modern, it is great to come across retailers that can offer modern design at a more affordable price. Regency Shop is one of those places, offering high-end modern furniture including modern classics and design reproductions at a price that many of us can feel comfortable with.

Searching their site today, I came across a new must-have for my list, this Hanging Egg Chair. This chair is sure to make a statement indoors and out, and it just looks so comfortable. I’m sure I have place for it on my patio.

Here are just a few ways that you can make this classic at home in your own interior.

dallagnese au

egg hanging chair, domino

from dmagazine
D Magazine

Just beautiful.

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  1. susie q
    susie q says:

    I’m a new reader of your blog — love it!!Thanks so much for info on hanging chairs. My daughters would practically kill to have them in their room, but the only ones I’ve found are outrageously expensive. Almost grabbed one off craigslist, but didn’t pick it up in time and it was snatched by someone else.

  2. moodboard
    moodboard says:

    I just found one while thrifting for $8! whoop. It is a unraveling in some places, but for the price I can deal.It is so big I think both of us could fit in it J, lol.Oddly, this is the second one I’ve found in the past year. The other one was painted white and they wanted $80 for it at the thrift!

  3. AphroChic
    AphroChic says:

    I love the thriftiness Moodboard. It’s true, you can find some great modern classics at your local flea market, or on Craigs List or E-Bay. It just takes patience and a good eye.

  4. Jack
    Jack says:

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  5. Link
    Link says:

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  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

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  7. shafat khan
    shafat khan says:

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