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chrome chandelier

I was so happy to receive an e-mail from Swedish design shop, PID.Se. This personal interior design store has the most amazing collection of modern furniture and decor, featuring the work of new designers and their limited edition works.

I was on the site for an hour yesterday, and fell in love with so many amazing pieces. Their beautifully curated collection has everything from furniture to lighting, drapery, kitchenware and so much more.

A few items that I kept coming back to again and again include The Glass Cluster chandelier above. Forty glasses hang from a chrome frame and can be removed just in time for a cocktail party. When you’re done, just hang the glasses back up and wahlah…you have a shimmering chandelier.

wannabe table

The Wannabe table is the perfect entryway piece. Powder coated steel is wrapped around a cardboard box creating one of the most fun and functional pieces I have ever seen.

disco in capetown rug

This Disco in Capetown rug is so unique. Not only is it a must-have, it can also be customized in the size and colors of your choice.

no 106 cardboard

Can you say cardboard? This No. 106 lamp is absolutely amazing! Corrugated cardboard combined with innovative design results in this lamp designed by Sebastian Kjersen. No. 106 is also environmentally friendly since its made from a material that can be recycled.

I promise, this is just a small taste of what PID.Se has to offer. You must visit their site, and I know what you’re thinking – yes they do ship to the U.S.

{All images from PID.Se, visit for more information}

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