Room & Board: Local and Sustainable Design

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In my own life, I am working to live a more environmentally friendly life. While I love shopping for beautiful things (hence AphroChic), I always want to make sure that I’m buying responsibly and supporting environmental sustainability. To me, its part of my core philosophy of modern, soulful style – modern homes that not only include soulful decor, but a way of life that supports the soul.

Whether you live in the United States, or halfway around the world (from me), purchasing items that are made in your country or local community is one way to support environmental sustainability.

On a recent tour of Room & Board in San Francisco, I was introduced to the value R&B places on supporting domestic, family-owned companies. With a furniture collection that is 85-percent American-made, this expanding company is committed to offering high-quality furniture with an environmental focus.

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A brother and sister team in Minnesota, a Philadelphia-based textile company, and a San Francisco lighting designer are just a few of the designers that Room & Board partners with.

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Classics, like this Hutton Sofa are made in Virginia.

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Organic pillows from Looolo are currently featured in the San Francisco store.

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Hand-glazed porcelain from New York design studio KleinReid is featured throughout the store.

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By partnering with these domestic companies, Room & Board is able to offset fuel emissions with shorter distances for delivery, and responsibly source materials like American walnut. Check out their environmental policies here.

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Learn more about Room & Board’s committment to the environment, and the incredible designers they partner with here and abroad. And of course, see more of what’s new for 2009 right here. Enjoy!

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