More Kitchen Talk: IKEA Kitchens

living etc. kitchen - ikea units
Image: IKEA kitchen unit featured in Living Etc.

So, yesterday was all about dream kitchens. DWR modular units that are made from high-end materials and that can be customized. There were some great comments about the expense of these units, and I thought I would continue the conversation by presenting some alternatives to the ultra-expensive dream kitchen.

While I still think that at times going high-end can save you money in the long run, it’s also important to get real and offer options that meet everyone’s budget. IKEA is so good at doing this, and offers some spectacular kitchen units. Their “Kitchens for Everyone” slogan holds true to their philosophy that design should be accessible and fit your individual needs. And with their 25 year warranty, these kitchens are also made to last.

wood living etc. kitchen
Image: IKEA kitchen unit featured in Living Etc.

For a fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive kitchen collections out there, you can build your own kitchen using IKEA’s 3D planning tools. While it may mean a little more work, IKEA kitchens are a wonderful way to create custom kitchen solutions without breaking the bank.

ikea kitchen


So, what do you think? If you were about to do a kitchen reno, would you shell out the extra expense for a little luxury and high-end materials, or opt for extra savings with some do-it-yourself know how?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Laquita
    Laquita says:

    I don’t know my husband has been ‘working’ on a basement walk-in closet for 2 years now – so if I had the money I would get someone else to do the work and maybe just purchase the materials from Ikea :o)

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I will definitely be going with Ikea for my kitchen overhaul. After lots of research I’ve have found Ikea actually rates higher than many household name cabinet-makers. In person, the workmanship and look is amazing. My cabinet budget is $3000. I’d rather spend the rest on high grade appliances, quality countertops, interesting lighting and a gorgeous backsplash!!

  3. Bran
    Bran says:

    I love the look and bells and whistles of Ikea and will probably end up using them in our limited budget addition/remodel. I am only concerned that the more modern look, although I love it, will look off in our century old home? Any thoughts?

  4. nicole
    nicole says:

    We have a new ikea kitchen and I just love it. You can’t tell that it isn’t high end. The combinations are endless and you can make it look very custom. We didn’t put ours together though. I heard that they are tough to assemble. So use the extra money and have someone who has done it before do it!


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