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I was recently at a friend’s new apartment, and she had some amazing art for her walls. Her collection got me thinking about art, and the way it can add a personal touch to your interior.

Whether a canvas print from Ikea or something more sophisticated like these limited edition prints from the Shutterlounge, an art collection is a wonderful way to introduce your own unique perspective.

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The Shutterlounge features limited edition prints from some of the world’s top photographers. With a gorgeous collection of fashion and beauty prints, these photographers are some of the best in the business, working with fashion magazines like VOGUE, ELLE, and Marie Claire to name a few.

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Limited edition prints are sold at very reasonable prices, allowing you to purchase and collect beautiful and original art.

dita v teese shutterlounge

A fantastic place for interesting and diverse pieces, if you are looking for art, you’ll want to start your search right here.

I would love to hear how art fits into your life? Do you have a personal collection? How did you get started? Any suggestions for readers who are looking for original art?

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