Go Green In Style

2modern blossom Rug
2Modern & Emma Gardner Blossom Rug

Happy Earth Day! It is truly the year of “The Green Generation”. A few years ago when everyone was talking about going green and sustainability, I was afraid that it was just a fad; a trend that would just fade away and we would all go back to our wasteful ways. But I have to say I feel a real change out there. Not only is green in, but everyone is becoming part of an effort to save the earth, and finding unique ways to do it.

2modern matt gagnon ceramic lamp
Matt Gagnon Ceramic Lamp

As a designer, I just love how stylish green has become. With companies like Rubie Green coming to the forefront, going green is not just about being crunchy granola, it can apply to all of us, and especially those of us who are style makers.

2modern iannone design graphic console
Iannone Design Graphic Console

2Modern’s new Eco section shows just how stylish going green can be. Here are some beautiful items that may cost more, but with high-end craftsmanship and design, and an earth-friendly impact, these beautiful pieces are definitely worth it.

2modern igooplay mod rocker
Iglooplay Mod Rocker

How are you celebrating this Earth Day? If you would like some ideas check out this site. Have a beautiful Earth Day!

{All of these eco-friendly items can be found at 2Modern}

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