Handwoven French Textiles

lightings table runner

Designer Caroline Gauci has created something truly beautiful. Luxurious, handwoven, and ethically crafted, Gauci’s textiles are imaginative paintings that can be utilized throughout your home.

graphic ikat

In her online shop, Home Addict, you will find wall hangings, table runners, throws and scarves that are handwoven in South East Asia using ancient Ikat techniques.

doors throw

Modern graphic designs are tie-dyed into the yarn before the weaving process begins. The result – luxurious pieces that represent the mix of two continents.

hotel2 throw

These beautiful pieces are also made using fair trade principles, so you can be sure that each piece you purchase has been made in an ethically responsible way.

black silk

Unique, original and absolutely gorgeous, visit Home Addict to see more of Caroline’s amazing textile designs.

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