Sneak Peek: Shopping in Marrakech


I was so happy to receive a lovely book in the mail from The Little Bookworm publishing company in New York. Shopping in Marrakech by writer Susan Simon is an amazing journey into one of the world’s most beautiful cities.


If you have ever dreamed of visiting the wonderful shops and bazaars of Marrakech, this book will lead the way, taking you through winding alleys and hidden courtyards to discover the brightly colored caftans, handcrafted vases, Berber jewels, and vintage wares of this Moroccan city.


Following seven carefully laid out maps that guide you on walking trips to Marrakech’s most sought after shopping destinations, this guide is a beautiful tour of a city that so many of us dream to experience.


Not only will you love the stylish tips that Susan gives you along the way, including ideas on how to integrate your new Moroccan finds into your home, but you will be inspired by the gorgeous photos of Nally Bellati that bring Marrakech to life.



If you are looking for a vivid experience, pick up Shopping in Marrakech, available in stores next week. Whether you are planning to visit this city in the next year, or just have dreams of the exotic, you are sure to be inspired by this beautiful publication.

Update: I just found out that the wonderful Maryam from My Marrakesh did some personal shopping with Susan and Nally, and is also included in this fabulous book. Another reason to love Shopping in Marrakech.

{Images from Shopping in Marrakech}

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